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Two Star Motel

The Dare Tactic

Spring 2017


Director & Choreographer

Projection Designer


ShapeShifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn, NY
April 28 : 6pm, with guest artist, A BAND CALLED SAD 
April 28 8:45pm, with guest artist, HANNAH from HANNAH VS. THE MANY
April 29: 12pm, with guest artist, MICHELLE KESSLER
April 29: 2:30pm, with guest artist, NICHOLAS GRACE

Directed By: Quentin Madia
Music Directed: Quinn Corcoran
Production Stage Managed: Caroline Duffin
ASM: Merril Peterson, Ryan McCormick
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Jessica Trombacco
Music Supervisor: Patrick Spencer
Set: Ryan Goff
Lights: Caspin Jones
Costumes: Weldon Steinke
Props: Colin O'Leary
Projections: Quentin Madia
Trailer Created by: Noura Boustany Jost
Produced by: Vinny Eden Ortega

Ryan- Alex Knezevic
Clint- Dylan Haas
Halley- Lauren Pelaia
Timmy- Alex Kornberg
Jake- Gavin Cranmer 

Trent Soyster, Shaunyce Lee, Timothy Gage, Rose Anne Rabut, Deanna Alexandra, Chrizney Roth, Brianna Janozckin, Baxter Perkins, Marlina Devery, Natalie Waits




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