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Teaching and Education

An educator for the last 7 years, Quentin has grown to be one of the most recognizable theatre teachers in the central Jersey area.


With the opening of Quentin Madia's Performance Studio, Quentin has taught private tap, jazz, musical theatre dance, monologue acting, acting through song, directing, and college prep courses for the last four years. Quentin has had many students go on to study performing arts in programs at Pace University, AMDA, UArts, Montclair, Muhlenburg, NYU Tisch and more. 

Quentin has served as Artistic Director of New Jersey Repertory Theatre since 2012. Through NJRT, Quentin has created workshops, directed productions, taught at summer camp, and created the program Summer Mock- a one of kind experience where three productions are produced in six weeks, while learning production aspects as well as performance. 

With NJRT, Quentin has served as Director/Choreographer for two trips to Walt Disney World's Magic Music Days. Trips included a 30 minute musical review, a Disney workshop, and talkbacks with the cast of Beauty and the Beast and Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

2014: Jamming Jukebox Musical Revue

2016: Decades of Diva's

Quentin also has student directed, light designed, and projection designed for Crossroads South Middle School since 2010. In fall 2016, Quentin joined The Abraham Joshua Heschel School as the Assistant Musical Director, Light Designer, and Projection Designer. He will be returning fall of 2017 as the Musical Director and Designer.

Quentin was also the choreographer for Villagers Summer Theatre Arts program from 2012-2017. 


Jordan Hudec, Pace University BA IPE Actor 2020

Quentin is a fun and exciting person to work with. He knows what he wants and always has a well though out, specific vision. He has always motivated me to do my best and push myself. His great energy and talent attracts people to work with him. He challenges his students and performers in hopes they we will learn something new while going beyond their comfortability. There have been moments where I felt as if I couldn't do something he asked but he guided me towards the right place where I felt good about it. As an actor training currently, I have used Quentin's advice of facing my challenges and trying my hardest. He is going places and I'm very excited to watch him. reach his goals

Dylan Gleason

Music and Theatre Major at Muhlenberg College, Class 2021.

Quentin is an excellent teacher. He helped me to prepare my monologues for college auditions, for one summer he helped me revise a play I was writing, and working in a program with him increased my knowledge of both technical theatre and of different performance aspects. Watching Quentin work, and being able to learn from his was incredibly inspiring.

Jordyn Sava

Marymount Manhattan- Musical Theatre

I have worked with Quentin on many performances, every one in which resulted to be an amazing experience. He has many strengths as a director and always has an extremely artistic and creative vision. His drive is intoxicating. He has given me confidence, and brought out the best acting in me. It is rare you will find someone with such passion, talent, creativity, and who holds themselves to such high professional standards. Every production with him was a memorable one! 

Danielle Danis

Aspiring Musical Theatre Major


I met Quentin Madia when I was 12 years old, when I was casted into his production of The Little Mermaid, taking place at the New Jersey Repertory Theatre. At first, I was incredibly nervous to be apart of his production, I was brand new to the company, and did not know a single person there. Being young and foreign to Quentin and my cast mates, I had to work hard, make friends, and challenge myself. After the first few rehearsals, I was almost ready to give up, I didn’t feel like I could live up to his expectations. I wasn’t as good at learning things as the other girls were, but Quentin’s tough love approach to directing the show motivated me to work exceptionally hard in order to reach the caliber he demanded. Ever since then, Quentin has helped me grow as a performer in so many ways. He has helped me develop as a tap dancer, singer, and actress through private personal teachings and awesome group workshops. Being in his shows has taught me to embrace unique character choices, because no show with Quentin as the director will ever be the same twice. Each and every project he gets his hands on is filled with passion and creativity, whether it’s from adding intricate set pieces, new technology and projections, or just one of the other million tricks up his sleeve. Every show I have done with him has been an honor, and I can honestly say I have grown as a person and performer within them all. So, here I am, four, almost five years later, about ready to start my college audition process, but without Quentin’s help, I would not have the confidence or skills to pursue my true passion of performing.

Brianna Janoczkin

Pace University BA IPE Actor


I started training with Quentin when I was 14 years old and I’ve been working with him ever since! He believed in me when truly no one else did and gave me the confidence to go after my dream of becoming a professional actor! I am proud to say that within the past year I’ve become a working actor and have been given the opportunity to film for both HBO and Marvel Studios! He prepared me for real world auditions and I would not be where I am today without him.

Lauren Pelaia

I am currently a Women and Gender Studies major at Montclair State University, but my life on stage has been stronger than ever. Working with Quentin has been extremely beneficial for my growth as a performer and as a person. Every time I have worked with him he has pushed me to be the best that I could be, and I was always able to achieve something I never thought possible. He brings theater from a page to life on stage, and treats actors with such respect and support. Anytime I was unsure or insecure, he guided me forward and helped me create something that made me incredibly proud of myself.  I would not be the performer that I am without Quentin.

Tyler Wrotny


Working with Quentin Madia has been beyond a great experience for me. He always makes sure you feel great about yourself 100% of the time. He knows your limits but still tries to push you to achieve more. For the past two summers I have done NJRT’s Summer Mock program with Quentin. This consists of doing three shows. Each show is done in two weeks and it is the most fun you could have! He teaches you new ways to find character which makes you a better actor because it helps you understand more about your character. Quentin always makes you feel welcomed to try new ideas and techniques. Besides that he also always helps you build upon them. Because of this I love working with Quentin on any and every project. This past summer I auditioned for the Pace Summer Scholar Musical Theatre Intensive program. When I was applying I went to Quentin for help with my prescreen and he helped me pick two songs which were good for my voice and he also gave me my favorite monologue. I am forever grateful to have worked with such a talented director!

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