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Exequtive Entertainment & The Green Room 42

March 16th 9:30pm


Co-Directors: Quentin Madia & Daniella Caggiano

Music Directors: Jake Sinsky & Lauren Pelaia
Assistant Director: Peter Charney

Assistant Producer: Angelica Gorga

Marketing: Mark Scoff


Script Writers:

Angelica Gorga, Keleigh Principi, Destinee Brown, Noura Boustany Jost, Grace Duah, Quentin Madia



Rebecca Murillo, Adam J. Rineer, Lauren Pelaia, Josh Walker, Peter Charney, Quentin Madia


Michael Lepore, Maleah Moon, Mary Mondlock, Sarah Hamaty, Thomas Delgado, Stevie Jae Davis, Elyce West, Aliza Ciara, Chris Isolano, Conor McGiffin, Alec Richards, Hannah T. Skokan


Trust the Process: Songs from the Mockumentary

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