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Exit 82 Theatre Company

March 18-27, 2022


Director & Choreographer: Quentin Madia
Assistant Director/Choreographer: Alex Mandalakis
Music Directed: Sam Russo, Sam Fererra, Steve Mariani
Stage Managed: Lili Salt
Lighting/Sound: Zack Bliss
Set: Jason Arellano
Producers: Keely Davenport, Billy Cardone
Costume Design: Desiree Kammeran & Frankie Confalone


Casey: Lauren Pelaia

Aaron: Patrick Murray

M1: Evan Pelaia

M2: Frankie Confalone

M3: Tyler Cicardi

W1: Carly Cosentino

W2: Lisa Friedman

W3: Jen Shrestha

Keys: Sam Russo
Drums: Steve Mariani
Guitar: Nick Mariani
Bass: Matt Smith



First Date

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