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The College of New Jersey

All College Theatre

Fall 2022


Don Evans Black Box
September 30, October 1 & 2

Produced by: Braden Drake & Steven Zalatoris

Directed By: Quentin Madia
Production Stage Managed: Laura Walter

Assistant Director: Delaney Bogusz
Movement Coordinator: Katie Curtis
Set Design: Zayn Khalil
Lighting Design: Quentin Madia

Sound Design: Caleb Parilla
Costumes: Justin DiNicola, Mikaela Given

Hair & Make-Up: Kaitlyn Calderaro & Kit Weeden
Props: Dani Sabin, Kammie Anderson, Emily Reeves

Carpentry: Liz Chipura, Steven Zalatoris, Dylan Greco, Sam Belle


Narrator: Michelle Sonbati

Wayne Hopkins: Zoe Talbot

Megan Jones: Sam Belle

Oliver Rivers: Evan Lopez

Xavia Jones: Madeline Campbell

Cedric/Voldy: Brian Nigro

Susie Bones/Harry: Emily Elias

Leanne: Skyler Yanello

J. Finch & Others: Justin Drayton

Ernie Mac & Others: Nate Zipt

Sally Perks & Others: Kylie Bittner

Hannah & Others: McKenna Super

Professor McG & Others: Madelyn Strickland

Ensemble: Pat Debnath & Emily Dougherty


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